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Based on the guidelines of how our customers order Geelong Smoked Brisket for a number of persons, we have created this easy to order and assemble PARTY PACK.

It's designed so that you don't have to prepare any other food for your party to create ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE for you. JUST HEAT & SERVE... SO EASY.
The 40 People Party Pack includes the following:


4 x 1kg Smoked Beef Brisket catering trays

3 x 1.1kg Smoked Maple Chicken catering trays

2kg Tangy Texas Slaw catering tray

2kg Sweet Texas Slaw catering tray

2kg Garlic Buttered Corn catering tray

2kg Smoked Texas BBQ Beans catering tray

40 Martins Famous Potato Buns


The servings are very generous as we understand it's not a nice feeling to have guests hungry and not satisfied.

Serves: 40 people. 

Serving size: 447g per person.

100g Brisket

83g Chicken

100g Slaw

50g Corn

50g Smoked Beans

1 Burger bun 65g

Cost: $20.72 per person.  

Preheat your oven to 180C, with the lids on, place Chicken trays on top and Brisket underneath. Place the Corn and Beans trays lowest with the lids on into the oven. Reheat will take between 30-35 minutes depending on the oven. Remove all lids and foil coverings and serve with your salads and buns. SO EASY.  

Feel free to add anything to this pack in your cart from either Menu to better suit your BBQ needs.

For PARTY PACK PICK UP other than Saturday, orders can be made by calling GSB.

(Serving size & cost per head slightly changes with each below option)

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