Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I just come to the counter, order my food and receive it on the spot to take home with me?

A: Yes. We are open Saturdays from 10am-7pm and food can be ordered and taken on the spot. 


Q: Do I have to Pre order GSB?

A: No, we smoke and prepare so much BBQ every week that it's ready for you. 


Q: In the burger packs, can I change the potato buns for gluten free buns?

A: Yes indeed you can. Simply choose the gluten free option when you click the burger menu and it'll be swapped automatically. 


Q: Do I have to wait in long lines to receive my order?? 

A: Absolutely not, once you order either in person, phone or online, your order is packed immediately and ready within 3 minutes.. 


Q: How can I see if the food has gluten in it or a list of ingredients?

A: On the nutrition and allergens page, we have full detailed nutritional panels, allergens and all ingredients that are in our homemade food. 


Q: Is GSB served fresh or frozen. 

A: GSB is smoked fresh every Thursday and Friday for Saturday orders. All sides are made fresh for highest flavour delivery and are backed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

LET US BE COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT WITH YOU: Our potato buns are received frozen from America and stay frozen until the day of sale so you receive them completely thawed out, soft and luscious. The corn that we use we also purchase frozen, like any other business would. We thaw them out, simmer them in our garlic butter and thyme recipe and serve to you fresh every weekend. THAT IS IT... EVERYTHING ELSE IS FRESHLY DELIVERED, FRESHLY MADE AND FRESLY SOLD TO YOU... 



Q: Does Geelong Smoked Brisket do CATERING for parties, work functions and events?

A: YES, in fact our main production is specifically for this, just call us and we can organise what you need... CATERING orders can be picked up Saturday 10AM-7PM. For pickup outside of these hours, please call 0423447844. 


Q: Isn't microwaving the BBQ meat going to dry it out?

A: Not with GSB. We have created specialised packaging that is microwave safe and BPA free. Coupled with the reduction of power as specified in the instructional video and steps on the instruction page, if you follow the guidelines, WE promise you will be shocked how moist, tender, fresh and smoky both the Brisket and chicken are.


Q: How can I order GSB?

A: Easy, Either come to the GSB MARQUEE every SATURDAY 10am-7pm and order, or phone ahead for pick up or order online ANYTIME and choose the preferred pick up time that suits you. 


Q: Can I order any day of the week?

A: Yes, you can place a phone or online order. However pick up is Saturday only. 


Q: Can I later add more products to an order that I've already paid for ?

A: Yes. It can only be done by calling GSB on 0423447844.


Q: Can I order in advance regardless of the size or the quantity?

A: Yes, you can order up to 60 days ahead of the date you place an order. 


Q: Can I order larger quantities for larger events and get a discount?

A: Yes, we have a Catering Menu online which displays all of the products and prices, however for any questions or assistance, please call 0423447844. 


Q: If I receive my order on Saturday, will it keep fresh for Sunday lunch?

A: Absolutely. Our freshly made products can be stored safely in a fridge for up to 5 days with absolutelynothing to worry about, whilst maintaining a full flavour and taste. However, we advise to store your Martins Potato buns in a dry cool place for best consistency, not in a refrigerator.